Random Questions Wednesday

Tanner Hall

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AD:  What do you think is your best segment?

TH:  My 2014 season edit, that was a wild year.

AD:  Your favorite conspiracy theory?

TH:  9/11


AD:  Are aliens real? and what do you think about them?

TH:  Yes..........I like em, fun to watch em shred!


AD:  Illest Artist in the music industry?

TH:  Vybz Kartel

AD:  Whats 1 trend in life, or skiing, that you wish would just die out?

TH:  Happy hands


AD:  1 thing in the future of civilization you foresee

TH:  Warmer Temps


AD:  Your favorite ski movie?

TH:  Road To Zion and Keynote Skier

AD:  1 person you’d like to see out of the ski industry

TH:  🤫

AD:  Do you have a favorite strand of weed?

TH: Forbidden Fruit


AD:  Wise words to the kids of today.

TH:  Think for yourselves and follow your own path instead of a path someone is telling you to go down.